"Our vision is to use innovative materials and forward-thinking design to build high-quality, affordable developments that align the unique history and culture of the land with the people that live in them."



Denovo Development, LLC is here to empower the community from a grassroots movement that aligns with the unique history and culture of the land and the people. We see value from a Triple-Bottom Line "People, Profits and Planet" perspective. We believe that high quality community-oriented developments can drive billions of dollars into a region if developed correctly,  and truly revitalize the prowess of our communities affected by poverty and blight for generations to come.


“452,386 Individual Assistance (IA) FEMA applications have been approved in Puerto Rico, totaling an approved amount of $1.23 billion dollars”





  • Our main goal is to revitalize the local community physically, socially, economically, environmentally, and intellectually through property development. 


  • We believe in systems level research and data that seeks to find healthier development alternatives for construction.


  • We operate under Integrated Project Delivery and Design-Build Project Delivery System to promote early collaboration of all development stakeholders from early schematic design throughout construction closeout and building operations management.

Innovation & Technology

  • We seek to revolutionize the construction industry through our innovation of Cross Laminated Timber and utilize Building Information Modeling to facilitate for precision in our: design, production, and construction productivity all-while eliminating waste, reducing costs, and optimizing time, safety, and environmental systems.

Regenerative Community Development

  • We seek to become leaders in the reconstruction of Puerto Rico's built environment and revitalizing our island's 5 types of capital: human, built, social, environmental, and intellectual.

“We need to rebuild the island in a resilient manner, in a way that will withstand whatever shocks may come in the future"




  • Conceptual design phase services, Space planning & design, Schematic Design & Cost budgeting

  • Design-Build stakeholder planning, Design development phase services, Renderings & Graphic presentations, Building information models

  • Construction Management, Modular-Unit Construction

real estate DEVELOPMENT

  • Market analysis and valuation, Acquisition strategy, Due diligence facilitation, Closing management, Creative financing

  • Planning entitlements and zoning approvals assistance, Code analysis and building permitting coordination

  • Project capital requirements, create financial pro-formas and cash flow projections

Small business

  • Business Strategy Development, Enterprise and Business Plan creation, Legal & Risk Management

  • Market Feasibility and Product Segmentation, Investment Valuations and Cash Flow Analysis, Community crowdfunding investment analysis 

  • Digital marketing strategy recommendations, cost/benefit analysis